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Mar 8 2016 | Hakai Magazine | Posted In: In the News
Advances in genetic technology will make us all DNA detectives. by Kenneth R. Weiss   In a Chinese restaurant in a Las Vegas strip mall, Austin Ayer tries to act nonchalant as he orders the most controversial item on the menu. “Do you want crab in your shark fin soup?” asks the waiter. “It tastes...
Feb 23 2016 | Popular Science | Posted In: In the News
Presenting the winners of the 2016 Vizzies   By Popular Science Staff  
Feb 9 2016 | Hakai Magazine | Posted In: In the News
By Ben Goldfarb
Feb 2 2016 | EurekAlert | Posted In: In the News
Awards address effects on coral reefs; connections between rainfall and landslides; and signatures of past El Niños in ice caps NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION   El Niño: What effect will it have on weather, on flooding and landslides, and on economically important coastal ecosystems?
Jan 18 2016 | Science Book A Day | Posted In: In the News
Special thanks to Stephen Palumbi for answering 6 questions about his recently featured book, co-written with his son Anthony Palumbi – The Extreme Life of the Sea
Jan 11 2016 | UW Today | Posted In: In the News
By Michelle Ma The Pacific Ocean along the West Coast serves as a model for how other areas of the ocean could respond in coming decades as the climate warms and emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide increases. This region — the coastal ocean stretching from British Columbia to Mexico —...
Jan 8 2016 | Posted In: In the News
By Dr. Barbara Block   What does the president of a Pacific island Nation, a New York Times reporter, a French sailing expedition and the mayor of a small San Diego border town have in common? They are among the eight winners of the 2016 Peter Benchley Ocean Awards, the world’s preeminent honors...
Sep 30 2015 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Director News
Stanford scientists discover coral reef 'bright spots' where marine life is surpringly thriving In one of the largest global studies of its kind, researchers conducted more than 6,000 reef surveys in 46 countries across the globe and discovered 15 ‘bright spots’ – places where, against...