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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Statement

Hopkins Marine Station is committed to fostering an inclusive, supportive, and safe environment for all its members to learn and work together in and out of the ocean. Traditionally in the marine sciences, people from underrepresented backgrounds have faced disproportionately higher barriers to success than other populations. Many continue to be less supported and discouraged from pursuing educational opportunities and careers in these fields. We recognize these pervasive issues have not eluded Hopkins Marine Station, placing undue burdens on our most vulnerable members. Championing diverse perspectives helps produce better ideas to tackle complex problems and promotes a culture of genuine inclusion. In that spirit, we will continually evolve and improve our working environment to better serve all members of our community.






Jeremy Goldbogen
Associate Professor of Oceans

Former Co-Director, Hopkins Marine Station

jergold [at]



Fiorenza Micheli

Chair, Oceans Department 
David and Lucile Packard Professor of Marine Science

Co-Director, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions

Former Co-Director, Hopkins Marine Station

micheli [at]

Additional signatures in support of DEIB efforts from Hopkins Marine Station community members.