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Marine Conservation Biology - Seminar and Discussion Only (BIOHOPK 273HA)

fish swimming past

(Graduate students register for 273HA.). Introduction to the key concepts of ecology and policy relevant to marine conservation issues at the population to ecosystems level. Focus on the origin and maintenance of biodiversity and conservation applications from both the biology and policy perspectives (for example, endangered species, captive breeding, reserve design, habitat fragmentation, ecosystem restoration/rehabilitation). Also includes emerging approaches such as ecosystem based management, ocean planning, and coupled social-ecological systems. The course will include lectures, readings and discussions of primary literature, and attendance at seminars with visiting scholars. Prerequisite: introductory biology; suggested: a policy and/or introductory ecology course.nStudents should enroll in this course if they are only joining the seminar and discussion. Students who will engage in the full course should enroll in BIOHOPK 173H/273H.

Letter or Credit/No Credit