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Ocean Life and Ecosystems in Monterey Bay (BIOHOPK 244H)

Monterey Bay is a jewel in North America's National Marine Sanctuary system. It supports a diverse marine ecosystem with open sea pelagic animals such as blue whales and white sharks, a large undersea canyon with deep ocean environments close to shore, kelp forests and wind-swept sandy shores. This region of complex oceanography supports a hot spot of rich marine biodiversity. This class will explore the amazing ecosystems and vertebrate animals of the Monterey Bay thru the lens/interface of animal physiology, biologging and ecology. Lectures will be on local animal athletes and inhabitants including white, salmon and mako sharks, bluefin and albacore tunas, blue whales, orcas, salmon, otters and kelp forest ecology, the remarkable diving physiology of elephant seals and the trans-oceanic flights of albatross. Lecture/seminar and discussion formats will be used.

Letter or Credit/No Credit