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Housing at Hopkins

picture of the Belden housing complex


Students live in four Victorian-style residences grouped in a compound in New Monterey, half a mile from the Marine Station. You'll even pass by the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium on your way to class.  Restaurants and shops are just blocks away, including Cannery Row.

Housing details: 

  • Shared rooms and baths for each apartment.
  • Each apartment includes its own fully equipped kitchen.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own food for all meals. 

Just like a dorm room on campus, your room will include furniture listed below, but you will need to provide your own linens, towels, etc:

  • Bed frame and mattress
  • Desk and chair
  • Dresser

While you will have to give up your current housing on campus when you spend a quarter at Hopkins, students will go back into the housing draw for following quarter.  Apply for Housing

You can apply for housing at the same time you apply for classes, or you can wait until your academic application is accepted.

Apply for housing now.

Graduate students

For short-term stays and pending availability, grad students may be able to live in undergraduate housing.

For long-term stays, grad students need to find housing in the community; rates are comparable to the Bay Area.