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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a SCUBA diver to come to Hopkins?

No! Although Hopkins is a great place to dive, only one of our classes (BIOHOPK 185H/285H, taught in the summer) requires you to have a diving certification. So, if you don’t know how to dive, no problem!

Do I have to be a Biology major to come to Hopkins?

No! We encourage participation from all majors. Few of our courses even have Biology prerequisites. So, if you are interested in marine biology, come on down!

Is there a shuttle between Hopkins and main campus?

Unfortunately, no. And public transportation between Palo Alto and Pacific Grove takes the better part of a day. On the bright side, once you get here, you probably won’t want to leave. And in a pinch, you can arrange rides with a fellow student who has a car.

The deadline for applying to Hopkins is after the deadline for terminating my housing on campus. Will I be charged a late fee?

No! We have an arrangement with Stanford Housing. If you are accepted here, we will arrange to waive the late fee. However, you still need to terminate your campus housing as soon as you get your acceptance from us.