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Andrew Hein, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center. The ecology of information: measuring and modeling life's hidden currency

October 18, 2019 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Boat Works Lecture Hall, Hopkins Marine Station


Andrew Hein is a Research Scientist at NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center and an Assistant Researcher at the UCSC Institute of Marine Sciences where he studies a combination of ecology, ethology, and applied mathematics. He is an early-career researcher that has conducted theoretical and empirical work across a range of taxa from bacteria to coral reef fish.


Talk Abstract.

Interconnectedness is a defining feature of biological systems. In Ecology, this feature is often studied under the rubric of food webs — networks of populations that exchange energy and materials through feeding interactions. I will discuss a different kind of network that has proven much harder to study, but may be equally important for the function of ecosystems: the network of information flow among organisms. In this talk, I will discuss methods we are developing to infer information flow from behavioral data, and emerging opportunities and challenges in applying these techniques to build a data-driven understanding of ecological interactions in oceans, rivers, and beyond. 

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Hopkins Marine Station

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