Sara Beery: "Computer Vision for Global-Scale Biodiversity Monitoring"

Fri March 10th 2023, 12:00pm
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Hopkins Marine Station
Hopkins Marine Station

We require a real-time, modular earth observation system that unites efforts across research groups in order to provide the vital information necessary for global-scale impact in sustainability and conservation in the face of climate change. The development of such systems requires collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches that translate diverse sources of raw information into accessible scientific insight. For example, we need to monitor species in real time and in greater detail to quickly understand which conservation efforts are most effective and take corrective action. Current ecological monitoring systems generate data far faster than researchers can analyze it, making scaling up impossible without automated data processing. However, ecological data collected in the field presents a number of challenges that current methods, like deep learning, are not designed to tackle. These include strong spatiotemporal correlations, imperfect data quality, fine-grained categories, and long-tailed distributions. Our work seeks to overcome these challenges, and includes methods which can learn from imperfect data, systematic frameworks for measuring and overcoming performance drops due to domain shift, and the deployment of human-AI systems that help experts efficiently process large scale datasets.

Sara Beery is an incoming assistant professor at MIT EECS' Faculty of AI and Decision Making and CSAIL, and a Visiting Researcher at Google working on Auto Arborist.