Applying to Stanford

Hopkins Marine Station trains graduate students as part of Stanford's Biology Department, which in turn accepts graduates students through Stanford's Biosciences program. A few quick tips below from our current graduate students:

  • Keep in mind that your official undergraduate transcript request will take a long time to process, so order transcripts well in advance.
  • Ask for your letters of recommendation way before they are due (1-2 months prior).
  • Give yourself plenty of time to fill out the application. The online component has several sections.
  • In your "Statement of Purpose" essay be sure to include your specific research interests and how they mesh with those of your potential adviser(s).
  • Have your essay proofread by as many people as possible.
  • There is an application fee of $125, but this can be waived if it is prohibitive.  Please don't let this fee prevent you form applying!! Find out more about the fee waiver here.

Note that the next deadline to apply will be in late November 2022. 

How to Apply

Official instructions and application can be found here: Stanford Biology Department. If you have questions about the application process for Hopkins, please contact Abby McConnell, our Student Services Officer: