Monterey Area Research Institutions’ Network for Education (MARINE)

The Monterey Area Research Institutions’ Network for Education (MARINE) is a collaboration between the Center for Ocean Solutions and seven Monterey Bay area campuses (CSUMB, MIIS, NPS, UCSC, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford Main Campus, MLML). It focuses on preparing future ocean leaders by providing workshops, networking events, panels, and seminars throughout the academic year. It is also a great organization to meet other nearby students in ocean related disciplines. MARINE also sends out a weekly newsletter about events and jobs. Each campus within MARINE’s network has two liaisons who share upcoming events and host campus-specific events. The current Hopkins’ liaisons are Maurice Goodman and Betsy Mansfield.

Center for Ocean Solutions (COS)

The Center for Ocean Solutions (COS) is a boundary organization that is a collaboration between Hopkins, Stanford Woods Institute of the Environment, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and MBARI. They aim “to solve the major problems facing the ocean” and work with a broad range of scientists and organizations. They’re also a potential future employer (check out their Student Engagement Program), and a source of workshops/networking opportunities. COS has an office in Monterey, and several faculty at Hopkins are affiliated with the organization (Fiorenza Micheli is the Co-Director).

Friends of Hopkins

The Friends organization was created in 1978 and is a community of Stanford alumni and others interested in supporting the work of people at Hopkins. The ongoing mission of the Friends is to support the program of teaching and research at Hopkins Marine Station, and in particular to provide additional discretionary funding to the co-directors. The Friends have substantially contributed to the building of the seawater control system in the outdoor aquaria facility and our boat, The Dauphin.

An annual gift of $100 or more is required to join the Friends ($25 for students). Please contact Judy to become a member. Funds from membership dues are used to support the following ongoing activities:

  • Undergraduate research equipment

  • Visiting research seminar speakers program at Hopkins, bringing scientists from Stanford and from around the world.

All members of the Hopkins community are invited to join the Friends for their lecture series. These general interest talks are usually offered one evening every couple of months. Graduate students may also be invited to help out with or attend the annual picnic or other Friends events throughout the year.