Roles and Responsibilities

Judy Thompson, Administrator and Director of Operations

Judy is the station administrator and director of operations. Among many other things, she handles:

  • Obtaining keys and gate cards
  • Grant coordination and submission
  • Submitting order forms 
  • Getting access to locked teaching resources (microscopes, projectors)
  • Building and grounds issues
  • Emergencies

Location: 3rd floor Agassiz, head of the stairs.

Abby McConnell, Student Services Officer

Abby is the on-site SSO for Hopkins, and coordinates with biology student services on main campus. Please use her as your go-to person with questions or issues involving the following:

  • PhD Degree Progress and Advising 
  • PhD Admissions Operations/Student Orientation
  • Student and Postdoc Financials
  • Postdoc Administration and Onboarding 
  • Course Scheduling 
  • HMS Merchandise
  • Hopkins' website 
  • Use of station cars, trucks and boats, HMS meeting spaces & Fisher Room
  • Event coordination

Location: 3rd Floor Agassiz, across from Judy’s office.

Amanda Whitmire, Head Librarian, Miller Library

Amanda  obtained her PhD in oceanography from Oregon State University but transitioned to being a data specialist at OSU prior to her appointment at Hopkins. Go to her for help with:

  • Data sharing, management plans, and services
  • Bibliographic/citation management, copyright agreements
  • Book requests for the library, requesting online resources
  • Graphic design questions, ways to communicate research to diverse/broad audiences
  • Using the 3D printers
  • Workshop requests (e.g. data management and practices, publishing, etc.)

Location: Library

Chris Garsha, Machine Shop Manager

Electronics/fabrication technician, and general builder of things at the station. See him about:

  • Shop training and use of the shop equipment
  • Help with designing and building things you might need for your research
  • Questions/help with anything electronic in nature
  • Network access and management
  • Video conferencing at Hopkins, and other general tech

Location: Shop/garage building between DeNault and Boatworks. His office is in the back, facing the ocean.

Freya Sommer, Dive Safety Officer and Hopkins Marine Life Refuge Manager

She is in charge of scientific diving and boating at Stanford. She is at the station four days a week, from Monday to Thursday. She is the person to ask about:

  • Scientific diving – getting checked out, getting dive plans approved, maintaining active dive status
  • Boat training and use

Location: Agassiz 19 (3rd floor, down the hall from Judy)

Doreen Zelles, Front Office Manager

Doreen is the person for:

  • Submitting receipts for reimbursements (send receipts for TG and $500 travel funds to Abby and she will track and forward)
  • Checking on the status of orders/reimbursements
  • Help with shipping – FedEx, UPS, USPS
  • Seminar series logistics, including booking any travel accommodations for visiting lecturers

Location: Boatworks front office

(TBD) Hopkins’ kitchen/biosafety/lab support

 If your research is of the pipette-using variety, she will definitely be one of your key resources. She is in charge of:

  • Autoclaves
  • Distilled/DI water
  • Dishwashing
  • Ice and dry ice
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Gas cylinders (N2, CO2, etc)
  • Working with Chris on running carbonate chemistry analyses

Location: 1st floor, far wing of Loeb, next to Weissman lab

Robin Elahi, Lecturer

Robin teaches Statistical Modeling, Experimental Design and Probability, Invertebrate Zoology, and Kelp Forest Ecology. See him for:

  • Help with study design, statistics, and R programming
  • Information and advice on collecting local critters

Location: BoatWorks 106 (Back of the building by the dive lockers)

Betsy Mansfield, Station Caretaker

  • The station caretaker is the general contact person on station grounds after hours and on the weekends; they can help if you get locked out after regular business hours
  • Duties include opening and locking the gate and building doors, as well as recording ocean temperature data every day. In exchange, the caretaker stays in the cottage rent-free
  • Senior grad students may apply to become the caretaker when the position becomes available