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Harnessing marine microclimates for climate change adaptation and marine conservation

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Oct 9 2018

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C. Brock Woodson, Fiorenza Micheli, Charles Boch, Maha Al-Najjar, Antonio Espinoza1,, Arturo Hernandez, Leonardo Vázquez-Vera, Andrea Saenz-Arroyo, Stephen G. Monismith, Jorge Torre

Main Points
- Responses to climate change and large-scale forcing can vary widely at local scales creating marine microclimates.
- Microclimates are robust even under extreme large-scale forcing events (ENSO, climate change) potentially creating spatial refuges or ‘safe spaces’ for important species.
- Small/medium no-take zones, artificial reefs, and other possible spatial management can be placed to harness local variability as an adaptation or conservation measure in the face of climate change.

DOI: 10.1111/conl.12609