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Hennessey Part 15: Towards the Birthing Grounds

Photo Credit: Hermanus Backpackers; Creative Commons Attribution 2.0
Aug 18 2021

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By Anthony Palumbi and Stephen Palumbi

The sea still steamed with offal. The surface reeked with the death of her kind. But the detonations had ended, the whirling froth of the human engines had subsided. Like most of the frenzies of the sea, this one was calming.

She swam a few last lazy circles through the rich odors, nosing aside small dead prey. She could see blurrily that the normal ocean horizon was crowded with the large flotsam of human industry. Not prey, not her worry.

As she dove, the light faded through red-tinted water. As she dove, the dimmed and teeming sea reached up to embrace her with its long cool fingers. The pups were ready to leave her warm protection, and every tail stroke drove her towards the cove she had already selected for their insistent births.

Towards the future ocean they would inherit, kings and queens of their world.

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