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Open House 2017 was a Stunning Success!

Crowder lab illustrating fish conservation

Crowder lab illustrating fish conservation

May 8 2017

The General Public Open House yesterday was a stunning success. From 10AM to 4PM students, staff, and faculty manned over a dozen stations explaining showing laughing explaining as a California Current of 1800 people - 50 every ten minutes - flowed through.

The hard work and dedication to do this was inspiring to our guests, but also to all of us at Hopkins too. The teamwork amazing. Deep appreciation goes out to the grad students as a group for having the vision and stamina  for this and for the original co-conspirators Julia, Diana and Elan.

Everywhere I ambled yesterday there were Hopkins folks in deep blue sweatshirts making this work, and making connections with individual community members one at a time….for six hours straight! From the high school interns to the Friends Board members, please give each other a huge pat on the back and a thankful smile.

Steve Palumbi
Director of Hopkins Marine Station