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May 25 2019 | Posted In: Publications
Lupita J.Ruiz-Jones, Stephen R.Palumbi   Highlights   • 5-day coral skeletal liner extension growth was measured in the field using calcein.   • Linear extension was measured for three consecutive 5-day growth periods spanning a tidal cycle.  
May 13 2019 | Posted In: In the News
Working in Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence off the coast of Nova Scotia, a team of Stanford University marine scientists deployed miniature video cameras with accelerometers and speedometers on giant Atlantic bluefin tuna. These cameras, coupled with motion and environmental sensors, provide...
May 9 2019 | Posted In: Publications
Megan K. Morikawa and Stephen R. Palumbi   Abstract
May 5 2019 | Posted In: Publications
Raphael Abdoulaye Ndione, Sidy Bakhoum, Chistopher Haggerty, Nicolas Jouanard, Simon Senghor, Pape Demba Ndao, Gilles Riveau, Cheikh Tidiane Ba and Giulio De Leo   Submitted: November 7th 2018 Reviewed: March 14th 2019 Published: April 30th 2019  DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.85842   Abstract
May 3 2019 | Posted In: In the News
Maddie Stone   Blue whales are impressive creatures. Stretching up to 90 feet long and weighing over 300,000 pounds, these gentle giants often migrate hundreds of miles between their summer feeding grounds and winter breeding grounds. It’s no surprise, then, that the whales are pros at long...
Apr 20 2019 | Posted In: Publications
Salvador J. Jorgensen, Scot Anderson, Francesco Ferretti, James R. Tietz, Taylor Chapple, Paul Kanive, Russell W. Bradley, Jerry H. Moxley & Barbara A. Block    Abstract
Apr 12 2019 | Posted In: In the News
By Rachel Kaufman  April 12, 2019 11:05AM   From 1990 to 2000, fishermen seeking swordfish off the coast of California accidentally caught and killed over 100 leatherback and loggerhead sea turtles, and injured many more.  
Apr 7 2019 | Posted In: In the News
Melissa Cristina Márquez     If you're a seal, you thought you were safe from great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) in the kelp. New research shows you are dead wrong.