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Jan 15 2021 | Posted In: In the News
Professor Fiorenza Micheli and Associate Professor Jeremy Goldbogen have been appointed to jointly lead Hopkins Marine Station for a two-year term. They look forward to facilitating and advancing inclusion, mentorship, education, and research at the Pacific Grove campus.
Oct 28 2020 | Posted In: Publications
New study by Hopkins’ Steve Palumbi and collaborators from the Monterey Bay Aquarium​ combines DNA barcoding + niche models to understand the coastal origins of the global shark fin trade. Learn more:
Oct 20 2020 | Posted In: Publications
Natural CO2 vents: How can they aid future coral survival and adaptation?   HMS authors: Núria Teixidó, Fiorenza Micheli, Stephen G. Monismith, Stephen R. Palumbi,  Elizabeth Sheets
May 25 2019 | Posted In: Publications
Lupita J.Ruiz-Jones, Stephen R.Palumbi   Highlights   • 5-day coral skeletal liner extension growth was measured in the field using calcein.   • Linear extension was measured for three consecutive 5-day growth periods spanning a tidal cycle.  
May 13 2019 | Posted In: In the News
Working in Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence off the coast of Nova Scotia, a team of Stanford University marine scientists deployed miniature video cameras with accelerometers and speedometers on giant Atlantic bluefin tuna. These cameras, coupled with motion and environmental sensors, provide...