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May 6 2016 | Monterey Herald | Posted In: In the News
By David Epel Guest commentary George Will’s recent op-ed questions the use of scientific research for making policy decisions. He worries that since scientific findings are not absolute, they might be wrong.
May 3 2016 | NASOnline | Posted In: In the News
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE National Academy of Sciences Members and Foreign Associates Elected The National Academy of Sciences announced today the election of 84 new members and 21 foreign associates from 14 countries in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original...
Apr 22 2016 | Monterey Herald | Posted In: In the News
Voters in Pacific Grove have given the go-ahead to rezone the site of the American Tin Cannery to allow a hotel to be built on the property.
Apr 20 2016 | Monterey County Weekly | Posted In: In the News
By David Schmalz The election is all but final: With 3,764 votes counted—about 40 percent of Pacific Grove's registered voters—Measure X is prevailing at a roughly 60-40 margin. When the first round of results came in around 8:15pm, also showing a 60-40 margin in favor of the measure—which would...
Apr 18 2016 | ONRST | Posted In: In the News
Dr. Spring Berman, Arizona State University Scalable Control of Adaptive Multi-Robot Systems in Inaccessible Environments  Dr. James Bird, Boston University  Bubbling Underwater to Breakup Biofilms and Lift Early Settlers (BUBBLES)  Dr. David Blunck, Oregon State University  Ignition,...
Apr 16 2016 | Monterey Herald | Posted In: In the News
By Tom Leyde Pacific Grove >> Revelations at the Cannery Row Symposium just keep getting better and better. Last year it was announced that the Western Flyer, the fishing boat leased by John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts for their historic collecting trip to the Sea of Cortez, had been purchased...
Apr 8 2016 | Monterey Herald | Posted In: In the News
Pacific Grove >> It was quite possibly touched by the likes of John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts and, if it could talk, what tales it could tell. The original brass ship’s wheel and gear from the historical Western Flyer fishing vessel, used in the 1940 voyage to the Sea of Cortez, by Steinbeck...
Mar 23 2016 | Posted In: Original Articles
Bubbles – yes, bubbles – could help protect coral reefs, oyster farms, and other coastal ecosystems from increasing ocean acidification, according to new research by Stanford scientists. BY KER THAN STANFORD SCHOOL OF EARTH, ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES