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Sep 30 2015 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Director News
Stanford scientists discover coral reef 'bright spots' where marine life is surpringly thriving In one of the largest global studies of its kind, researchers conducted more than 6,000 reef surveys in 46 countries across the globe and discovered 15 ‘bright spots’ – places where, against...
Sep 25 2015 | Science Advances | Posted In: In the News, Research Spotlight
"This is the first work to measure how much energy an aquatic animal consumes in the wild, and has allowed the researchers to identify the bluefin’s favorite dining spots along the North American coastline." Read the rest of this article in Stanford News, or the other research coverage in Nature...
Sep 9 2015 | KQED Science | Posted In: In the News
"Other creatures may posses the ability to change color, but squid and their relatives are without equal when it comes to controlling their appearance and new research may illuminate how they do it." Click here to read the full article.
Sep 2 2015 | The Weather Network | Posted In: In the News
"New technology allows the public to track the movement of great white sharks as they travel along the Central Coast. "These new tracking devices might give swimmers a little sense of relief, but that's not what their intention is." Click to read the full article.
Aug 25 2015 | KQED Education | Posted In: In the News
Click to watch the interview on KQED Education or see the coverage in Stanford News.
Aug 14 2015 | Wall Street Journal | Posted In: In the News
Aug 14 2015 | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment | Posted In: In the News, Research Spotlight, Awards
"The Ecological Society of America (ESA), the largest professional society devoted to ecological science is celebrating its 100th anniversary by showcasing the most notable papers ever published in the society’s various journals. The list of featured authors includes several current Stanford...