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Jan 29 2015 | CBS SF Bay Area | Posted In: In the News
"Not much is known about the behavior and lifestyle of white sharks. "But now, thanks to marine biologists at Hopkins Marine Station at Stanford University, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute — along with a remarkable sea-faring robot out of Silicon Valley...
Jan 22 2015 | Monterey County Weekly | Posted In: In the News
"Mackerel seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it proposition, like chicken feet or the stinky Arabic cheese shanklish. It has a loyal following, but mainstream America turns up its nose." Click to read the full article.
Jan 21 2015 | National Geographic | Posted In: In the News, Research Spotlight
"Scientists use Crittercams to spy on the aggressive predators "talking" to each other."
Jan 16 2015 | Stanford News | Posted In: In the News, Research Spotlight
"In a new report, Steve Palumbi and colleagues show that the industrialization of the oceans mirrors the early stages of activities that have triggered mass extinctions on land."
Jan 7 2015 | The Stanford Daily | Posted In: In the News
"After receiving only two applicants for their winter quarter, the Hopkins Marine Station canceled its courses for the first time in 20 years." Click to read the full article.
Jan 2 2015 | Santa Cruz Sentinel | Posted In: In the News, Research Spotlight
"As a scientist at Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, Chapple has been described as a “rising star” in white shark research due to nearly a decade of work with Global Tagging of Pacific Predators, or GTOPP. The project fits white sharks, among other pelagic species, with transmitters and, in...
Jan 1 2015 | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment | Posted In: In the News, Research Spotlight
"Scientists from Stanford have recreated history in the Mediterranean to find ways to restore the region’s populations of sawfish, a globally endangered shark-like ray characterized by a long, toothed snout. Their study is published in the journal Fish and Fisheries."
Dec 31 2014
Links tend to decay. Not all links will work any longer. 12/18/2014 New Science Paints Picture of Salmon Shark Diet, NBC Bay Area 12/10/2014 Tropical invader at center of kelp forest study, Santa Cruz Sentinal