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Jan 24 2018 | Posted In: In the News
By Danielle Torrent Tucker Mornings in Koror, the capital of the Republic of Palau, offer a striking scene, as the sun reflects off limestone karst formations that jut out of the sea floor and lush tree-covered mountains that fill the horizon.
Jan 22 2018 | Posted In: Publications
Sébastien Darras, Jens H. Fritzenwanker, Kevin R. Uhlinger, Ellyn Farrelly, Ariel M. Pani, Imogen A. Hurley, Rachael P. Norris, Michelle Osovitz, Mark Terasaki, Mike Wu, Jochanan Aronowicz, Marc Kirschner, John C. Gerhart, Christopher J. LoweAuthor summary
Jan 16 2018 | Posted In: Publications
Authors: Zachary Gold, Stephen R. Palumbi Abstract
Jan 11 2018 | Posted In: In the News
Hopkins was well-represented at the annual SICB conference and I'm happy to report that Diana Li won the best student presentation award in the neurobiology division for her talk "Recovery of giant-axon-mediated escape jetting after exposure to severe hypoxia in Doryteuthis opalescens (California...
Jan 9 2018 | Posted In: Publications
Douglas J. McCauley, Gabriel Gellner, Neo D.Martinez, Richard J. Williams, Stuart A. Sandin, Fiorenza Micheli, Peter J. Mumby and Kevin S. McCann Abstract
Dec 26 2017 | Posted In: Publications
E.M. Finkbeiner, F. Micheli, A. Saenz-Arroyo, L. Vazquez-Vera, C.A. Perafan, J.C. Cárdenas Highlights • Resource users can exhibit stewardship behavior in the face of uncertainty. • Past experience, social capital and strong institutions are related to this behavior. • Local action is important...
Dec 20 2017 | Posted In: Publications
Enrico Pirotta, Marc Mangel, Daniel P. Costa, Bruce Mate, Jeremy A. Goldbogen, Daniel M. Palacios, Luis A. Hückstädt, Elizabeth A. McHuron, Lisa Schwarz, and Leslie New
Dec 20 2017 | Posted In: Publications
Luke Thomas, Noah H. Rose, Rachael A. Bay, Elora H. Lopez, Megan M. Morikawa, Lupita Ruiz-Jones and Stephen R. Palumbi