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Jul 10 2017 | Posted In: In the News
By Taylor Kubota When Jeremy Goldbogen, an assistant professor of biology at Stanford University, affixed recording devices to humpback whales, it was with the hope of learning more about how the animals move in their natural environment - deep underwater and far from human’s ability to observe.
Jul 9 2017 | Posted In: In the News
Jul 5 2017 | Posted In: In the News
BY KELLY-ANN MILLS 11:58, 4 JUL 2017 Amazing footage has revealed stunning details of the life of humpback whales underwater as they go hunting. Cameras have been attached to the giant creatures to capture their movements. The amazing ocean giants appear to vary their hunting tactics depending on...
Jun 28 2017 | Posted In: In the News
By Rob Jordan More than 70 years after the U.S. tested atomic bombs on a ring of sand in the Pacific Ocean called Bikini Atoll, Stanford researchers are studying how long-term radiation exposure there has affected corals that normally grow for centuries without developing cancer. The researchers’...
Jun 26 2017 | Posted In: In the News
Squid are always on the move. Mainly because, just like humans, squid will sink if they don’t swim,  explains Diana Li, a doctoral candidate at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station. They have evolved unique and efficient ways to stay afloat in the water column.   A baby California market squid jets...
Jun 15 2017 | Posted In: In the News
A group of scientists, including Stanford professor Fiorrenza Micheli, has urged marine scientists to focus attention on human rights violations and other social issues in the seafood sector, in addition to advocating for sustainable practices.
Jun 12 2017 | Posted In: In the News
In 2016 the Stanford Catalyst for Collaborative Solutions launched a campus-wide effort to encourage new interdisciplinary research projects that would bring together scholars and practitioners from throughout Stanford’s seven schools and beyond to develop bold solutions to some of the world’s most...
Jun 6 2017 | Posted In: Publications
Nikki Traylor-Knowles, Noah H. Rose, Elizabeth A. Sheets, and Stephen R. Palumbi The Biological Bulletin May 31, 2017 Abstract