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Feb 7 2019 | Posted In: Publications
Timothy H. Frawley, Elena M. Finkbeiner and Larry B. CrowderABSTRACT
Feb 5 2019 | Posted In: Publications
Emilius A. Aalto, Fiorenza Micheli, Charles A. Boch, Jose A. Espinoza Montes,C. Broch Woodson, and Giulio A. De Leo ORCIDs: Aalto,; Woodson,
Feb 4 2019 | Posted In: In the News
Jan 31 2019 | Posted In: In the News
Todd Staley
Jan 28 2019 | Posted In: In the News
MONTEREY — The ninth annual Whalefest Monterey took over Fisherman’s Wharf on Saturday (and will again Sunday) as hundreds of people stopped by to check out the exhibits. But none was more attractive, and smelly, than the big Humboldt squid on display. “You put a dead squid out and you see,...
Jan 25 2019 | Posted In: In the News
PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. — It's the second oldest marine laboratory in the United States and it's located in Pacific Grove. Find out how Hopkins Marine Station came to the Central Coast and helped create the Monterey Bay Aquarium in this edition of Central Coast Spotlight. Click on link to see slide...
Jan 17 2019 | Posted In: In the News
. . .  Then she heard about a Stanford University scientist, Matt Savoca, who studied plastic waste in the ocean. She emailed him, and he came to look at her collection. "Fifty thousand golf balls, just sitting in the garage," she says. Savoca was impressed. Weber recalls that he turned to her...
Jan 15 2019 | Posted In: Publications
David M. Tickler, Aaron B. Carlisle, Taylor K. Chapple, David J. Curnick, Jonathan J. Dale, Robert J. Schallert and Barbara A. Block