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Aug 23 2017 | Posted In: Publications
Sylvaine Giakoumi, Claudia Scianna, Jeremiah Plass-Johnson, Fiorenza Micheli, Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, Pierre Thiriet, Joachim Claudet, Giuseppe Di Carlo, Antonio Di Franco, Steven D. Gaines, José A. García-Charton, Jane Lubchenco,  Jessica Reimer, Enric Sala & Paolo Guidetti   Abstract
Aug 22 2017 | Posted In: Publications
Lorenzo Mari, Manuela Ciddio, Renato Casagrandi, Javier Perez-Saez, Enrico Bertuzzo, Andrea Rinaldo, Susanne H. Sokolow, Giulio A. De Leo, Marino Gatto
Aug 7 2017 | Posted In: Publications
David Scaradozzi (Università Politecnica delle Marche, UMR) | Silvia Zingaretti (Università Politecnica delle Marche) | Luca Panebianco (Università Politecnica delle Marche) | Corentin Altepe (Università Politecnica delle Marche, Bogazici Underwater Research Center) | S. Murat Egi (Galatasaray...
Jul 28 2017 | Posted In: In the News
By Tim Stephens John Pearse, a professor emeritus of ecology and evolutionary biology at UC Santa Cruz, and his wife, Vicki, a research associate at UCSC's Institute of Marine Sciences, are among the world's leading experts on marine invertebrates, including the group known as echinoderms which...
Jul 25 2017 | Posted In: Publications
Elan J.Portner, Jeffrey J.Polovina, C. AnelaChoy Highlights • Lancetfish consume a high diversity of poorly known micronekton prey. • Diet varies in a predictable way across the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. • Unique prey and cannibalism may help...
Jul 25 2017 | Posted In: Publications
Vadim Pavlov, Benyamin Rosental, Nathaniel F. Hansen, Jody M. Beers, George Parish, Ian Rowbotham, Barbara A. Block
Jul 21 2017 | Posted In: In the News
By Taylor Kubota The unique system of hydraulic control of fins discovered in tuna indicates a new role for the lymphatic system in vertebrates. This natural mechanism may inspire designs for new "smart" control surfaces with changeable shape and stiffness for both air and underwater unmanned...