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SEA 2017 Blog

SEA students in survival gear
May 14 2017

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From the first SEA blog post:

The lessons of sea can be distinctly different from those on land. Sometimes, what we see will be more important than how we see it.

One morning, sitting at the point, we had five minutes of silence to simply observe what was happening around us. Discussing what we noticed as a group afterwards, everyone picked up on something different. Only all together could we begin to make sense of our surroundings. I couldn’t focus my attention on one thing for too long, wanting to take in the entirety of the setting; I wanted to see the big picture, how everything fit together. Others zeroed in on the currents, others on the bird patterns, and others still on the seals. Without all of our eyes together, we wouldn’t have seen the bay in the same way. That day, we began the process of relying on one another to bring individual perspective to our collective experience.