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tourists, but it’s the sharks that are in danger

white shark
A handout picture taken by ALNITAK scientific expedition off Spain’s Balearic Islands shows a great white shark swimming (Photo: AFP PHOTO / ALNITAK / Beat Von NIederhausen)
Jul 6 2018

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by Leo Cendrowicz

In the movie Jaws, the sight of a shark fin in the water is enough to clear terrified holidaymakers from the beach in seconds. But Steven Spielberg’s prototype blockbuster was released in 1975 - and 1976 was the last year a great white shark was seen off Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Until a week ago. That was when a wildlife conservation group filmed what appeared to be a great white shark in the seas around the island of Mallorca. And it has already provoked a storm of anxiety about whether it is safe to go back into the water.