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Christopher Lowe

Christopher Lowe

Associate Professor of Biology


Professor Lowe trained as a biologist in the UK at Sussex University. He moved to The USA for graduate training with Greg Wray at SUNY Stonybrook in the Department of Ecology and Evolution, where he worked on the evolution of body plans and the origin of the echinoderms. Following his PhD. he worked as a Miller Fellow at UC Berkeley working on the origin of chordates focussing on the evolution of the vertebrate central nervous system, first in Mike Levine's lab, then with John Gerhart and Marc Kirschner from Harvard. His first academic position was as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy at the University of Chicago in 2005. He moved to Stanford in 2010 and his lab is based at Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey.

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor, Biology
Member, Bio-X
Member, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute

Honors & Awards

Searle Scholars Fellow, Searle Scholars Program (2008-2011)
Miller Postdoctoral Fellowship, UC Berkeley (1998-2001)

Professional Education

BSc. Hons, University of Sussex, Biology with European Studies (1991)
PhD, Dept of Ecology and Evolution, SUNY Stony Brook, Ecology and Evolution (1998)


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