HMS Student Ambassadors

Questions about Hopkins? We have answers.

Penelope Baker

Penelope is a junior at Stanford studying Biology- Ecology and Evolution, and Linguistics. She is originally from Orlando, FL. Her love for the ocean and nature arose from beach trips, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, hiking, and wildlife photography. During her first two years at Stanford, she’s become scuba certified, conducted research in animal behavior, and spent two quarters (spring and summer) at the Hopkins Marine Station with incredible faculty and students. She is particularly interested in animal behavior and physiology, and has a newfound interest in big fish after a summer internship with Dr. Barbara Block. Please reach out with any questions about Hopkins or her experiences living in Monterey: pbaker03 [at] (pbaker03[at]stanford[dot]edu)

Ingrid Ackermann

Ingrid is a senior majoring in Environmental Systems Engineering on the Coastal track and a transfer from the University of Virginia. Before arriving at Stanford, she studied and researched at the Shoals Marine Laboratory in Maine. Since arriving at Stanford, she’s become interested in the overlaps between ocean science, industry, and society. Last summer, she participated in the BOSP program in Palau and stayed after the program on a research grant to explore the interconnectedness of environmental and socioeconomic change in Palau. In spring 2023, she took the course Environmental Change and Marine Biodiversity taught by Professors Denny, Goldbogen, and Elahi at Hopkins. This summer, she worked at Hopkins under the direction of Professors Goldbogen and Denny on an experimental biology research project. Please reach out with questions relating to research and courses at Hopkins: iaa5 [at]