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Nat Clarke

Nat Clarke

Ph.D. Student in Biology, admitted Autumn 2012

Academic Appointments

Ph.D. Student in Biology, admitted Autumn 2012

Honors & Awards

Esther M. Zimmer Lederberg Graduate Fellowship, Hopkins Marine Station (2016)
Graduate Research Award, Dr. Earl H Myers & Ethel M. Myers Oceanographic and Marine Biology Trust (2015)
Eugene & Aileen Haderlie Award, Hopkins Marine Station (2014)
Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation (NSF) (2013)
William R. and Sara Hart Kimball Fellowship, Stanford University (2012)


Clarke, D. N., Miller, P. W., Lowe, C. J., Weis, W. I., & Nelson, W. J. (2016). Characterization of the Cadherin-Catenin Complex of the Sea Anemone Nematostella vectensis and Implications for the Evolution of Metazoan Cell-Cell Adhesion. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, 33(8), 2016–2029.

Lowe, C. J., Clarke, D. N., Medeiros, D. M., Rokhsar, D. S., & Gerhart, J. (2015). The deuterostome context of chordate origins. NATURE, 520(7548), 456–465.

Ewen-Campen, B., Donoughe, S., Clarke, D. N., & Extavour, C. G. (2013). Germ Cell Specification Requires Zygotic Mechanisms Rather Than Germ Plasm in a Basally Branching Insect. CURRENT BIOLOGY, 23(10), 835–842.

Miller, P. W., Clarke, D. N., Weis, W. I., Lowe, C. J., & Nelson, W. J. (2013). The evolutionary origin of epithelial cell-cell adhesion mechanisms. Current Topics in Membranes, 72, 267–311.

Clarke, D. N., & Zani, P. A. (2012). Effects of night-time warming on temperate ectotherm reproduction: potential fitness benefits of climate change for side-blotched lizards. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY, 215(7), 1117–1127.