Richard Grewelle

Postdoctoral Scholar, Hopkins Marine Station
Bachelor of Science, University of Kentucky, Biology, Math, Chemistry (2016)
Doctor of Philosophy, Stanford University, BIO-PHD (2022)
B.S. Hons, University of Kentucky, Chemistry (2016)
B.S. Hons, University of Kentucky, Mathematics (2016)
B.S. Hons, University of Kentucky, Biology (2016)
Faculty Lab:
Richard Grewelle
Richard Grewelle is a current PhD student motivated to understand ecological and evolutionary underpinnings of wildlife disease systems. Prior research areas involve bioinformatics, phylogenetics, and disease ecology. Although with previous experience in terrestrial diseases, including Y. pestis (plague), Richard pursues marine disease ecology due to the lack of knowledge surrounding systems we hardly encounter. Marine diseases present significant challenges to not only biologists; they may devastate fragile ecosystems supporting fisheries or providing ecological services. Richard works to bridge the gap between theoretical and empirical studies, employing population and genetic data to inform theoretical models of disease transmission. Despite the economic significance of this research, conservation of marine species and basic biological understanding are at its heart.