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Simon Dedman

Simon Dedman

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Hopkins Marine Station


My work focuses on the use of machine learning approaches to understand the drivers of the movements of sharks and tuna, then predictively map these species to inform conservation management. I have developed software that automates and facilitates the use of Boosted Regression Tree techniques to ecological data, advancing the use of this approach among the shark community. Areas of study have been sharks off the coast of southern England, rays in the Irish Sea, lemon sharks in the Bahamas, anchovy off California, tuna in the North Atlantic, and sawfish off Florida.

Academic Appointments

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Hopkins Marine Station

Honors & Awards

Travel award, American Elasmobranch Society (2017)
Travel award, Marine Institute (2016)
Travel award (second), Marine Institute (2016)
Travel award, Shark Trust (2015)
Travel award, Marine Institute (2015)

Boards, Advisory Committees, Professional Organizations

Equity and Diversity Committee, American Elasmobranch Society, USA (2021 - Present)
Science Committee, Saving The Blue research NGO, USA/Bahamas (2019 - Present)

Professional Education

Doctor of Philosophy, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (2017)
Master of Science, University Of Aberdeen (2006)
Bachelor of Science, University Of Southampton (2004)
PhD, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland, Fisheries Science (2017)
MRes, Aberdeen University, UK, Marine & Fisheries Science (2006)
Bcs (Hons), Southampton University, UK, Oceanography w/ Marine Biology (2004)


Queiros, A. M., Talbot, E., Beaumont, N. J., Somerfield, P. J., Kay, S., Pascoe, C., … Nic Aonghusa, C. (2021). Bright spots as climate-smart marine spatial planning tools for conservation and blue growth. Global Change Biology.

Bangley, C. W., Paramore, L., Dedman, S., & Rulifson, R. A. (2018). Delineation and mapping of coastal shark habitat within a shallow lagoonal estuary. PloS One, 13(4), e0195221.

Dedman, S., Officer, R., Clarke, M., Reid, D. G., & Brophy, D. (2017). A software tool to simplify spatial modelling and Marine Protected Area planning. PloS One, 12(12), e0188955.