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Susanne Sokolow

Susanne Sokolow

Senior Research Scientist, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment


I am a disease ecologist and veterinarian at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station and an Associate Fellow at Stanford's Center for Innovation in Global Health. I am interested in environmental drivers of infectious disease and creative solutions to protect the health of people and the planet. For example, I am working on: 1) biological control of schistosomiasis by restoring a native river prawn that preys on the snail intermediate host, 2) models of disease transmission and how things like connectivity and environmental transmission affect dynamics and control, and 3) designing ecological solutions to disease that mutually benefit human health and the environment.As Executive Director of Stanford's new Program for Disease Ecology, Health and the Environment, I am helping to build a growing interdisciplinary community at Stanford and beyond interested in discovering and promoting ecological solutions to disease that lead to improved human health and a more sustainable use of the natural environment. As part of this new research program, I founded The Upstream Alliance: a research initiative joining partners across the globe for ecological solutions to reduce the parasitic disease: schistosomiasis, which affects more than 250 million people worldwide.

Academic Appointments

Senior Research Scientist, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Professional Education

PhD, University of California Davis, Disease ecology (2008)
DVM, University of California Davis, Clinical veterinary medicine (2003)


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