Career Development

BEAM (Bridging Education, Ambition, and Meaningful Work): BEAM provides identity-centered career programming to support students from different backgrounds on their journey to find meaningful work. Our dedicated team will help you explore and prepare for your next steps after Stanford.

School of Medicine BioSci Careers: Beyond a traditional “career center” model, we believe you are the center of our mission and you deserve opportunities to move beyond basic career development resources such as CV critiques and mock interviews. Through individualized connections opportunities, BioSci Careers provides a forum for faculty, alumni, employers, peers, trainee/student group leaders, and campus partners to share their stories and most useful resources. 

Designing Your Post-Doc Workshops: Join us if you are new to the University or you missed a prior Designing Your Postdoc workshop. This is an opportunity to apply design thinking to your postdoctoral training and reflect on who you are, where you are going, and how you can get there. You'll identify resources and plan to apply them to your training in the right place at the right time. The work we do together will support a thoughtful and balanced individual development plan.

Auditing courses: Postdocs are eligible to audit courses, with permission from the instructor. This should be arranged individually between the scholar and the course instructor. Course listings and instructor information can be found in Explore Courses. In general, courses authorized for audit include lecture classes in which participation is not expected of the students. Classes that require individual instruction and participation, such as laboratory and language courses, studio and performance courses (e.g. drawing, instrumental music) or creative writing courses are generally not authorized for auditing.