Travel Policies and Reimbursements

General Travel Policy

The following guidelines are general university policy; however, schools, units and faculty may choose lower maximums for food, lodging, and travel expenses.

Please note: At Hopkins, these amounts are variable across PIs and labs, so it is important for individuals to consult with their faculty member or sponsor regrading their specific policies, including daily limits and what may or may not be allowable, e.g., alcohol. Additionally for Hopkins-affiliates, receipts are required for all expenses regardless of amount.

For all reimbursements, use the Reimbursement Request Form and submit to Doreen: dzelles [at]

Booking Travel

Stanford recommends the use of a centralized program, Stanford Travel, when faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and students are booking air fare, hotels, or rental cars for university-sponsored travel. There is a specific-site tailored for student use as well, Student Universe

Paying for Travel

Personal funds may  be used, and a request for reimbursement can be submitted after the trip; more information can be found at Travel Process.

Reimbursement Procedures and Policies: Receipts and Documentation

As described in Business and Travel Expense fundamentals, reimbursement requests must include sufficient documentation to support the business purpose and alignment to the purpose of the funds. Departments and units may have more restrictive requirements for receipts and documentation at their local discretion.

For all reimbursements, use the Reimbursement Request Form and submit to Doreen: dzelles [at]

Travel to Main Campus

Station Cars

The station has several cars for use to commute to Palo Alto for university-related use. It is highly preferred that the station cars be used for this kind of travel; if they are all booked or there are other reasons you need to use a personal vehicle to commute to main campus, mileage reimbursements will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Please note: the Oceans Department will only reimburse for gas, mileage or charging if your travel is teaching or department related. Commuting expenses for other purposes (meetings, research, etc.) will need to be covered by an individual's faculty advisor. 

Reservation Forms and Calendars

For all reimbursements, use the Reimbursement Request Form and submit to Doreen: dzelles [at]