Applications Open November 1, 2023

The 16-unit course is offered through Biology (BIOHOPK 182H) or Earth Sciences (EARTHSYS 323). The first half of the course occurs at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove. Students are in residence at a Stanford dorm and attend classes all day; The other half of the Class takes place aboard the R/V Robert C. Seamans, a tall ship which is owned and operated by Sea Education Association (SEA) and chartered by Stanford University. There are two optional units in Marine Conservation (OCEANS 173HA), for a total of 18 total credits. Stanford@SEA follows the traditional model of the SEA program at Woods Hole, Massachusetts To date, over 12,000 undergraduates have gone to sea in this program to learn about life in our oceans, oceanography and exploration. At Stanford University, Stanford and SEA faculty from Woods Hole collaborate on the shore component, which comprises five weeks of daily morning classes in three subject areas, followed by afternoon labs or discussions. The second five weeks happen aboard the research vessel sailing the Pacific Ocean.

Our next course is being planned for Spring Quarter, 2024. More details will be available in Fall Quarter 2023.