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Housing Application

If your gender is non-binary, we leave it to your judgment what gender(s) are most similar to your own and would therefore create the most comfortable living situation for all involved.
I understand that if assigned, I must read and sign a Residence Agreement before moving into the residence. I will be under contract for the entire academic term (or other special contract length approved by Student Housing) and will be held financially responsible for rent and excessive cleaning and/or damage charges incurred. If I refuse or fail to confirm an assignment resulting from this application, I understand that I will be charged a $100 administrative fee. I also understand that if I accept an assignment resulting from this application and subsequently cancel or fail to check in, I will be charged a $250 administrative fee. I understand that an assignment is for a space at the residences and not for a specific room/apartment. I understand that Hopkins and Student Housing personnel determine the apartment assignments at the residence complex.