Hopkins Marine Station is Stanford's academic outpost on the shore of Monterey Bay, the place to come if you want to learn about marine biology and ocean science. Open to all majors at all levels, our courses cover topics ranging from molecular biology to ecology and conservation. Many include labs and field trips, and all take advantage of the Station's location, here at the edge of the ocean.

Come down for an exciting quarter, or plan your whole major around Hopkins.


Applications Now Open for Spring/Summer 2023

Stanford@SEA: Applications will open November 1, 2023. For more information see Stanford@SEA

Spring Quarter at Hopkins: Applications will open in January 2023. [Priority deadline: 2/15/24] For course options descriptions, see Spring Quarter 2024. 

HI-SURF Internships: Applications will open in December 2023 [Priority deadline: 2/15/24] For more information, see undergraduate Research Opportunities.

Want the inside scoop from our HMS Undergraduate Ambassadors? Contact Penelope Baker (pbaker03 [at] (pbaker03[at]stanford[dot]edu)), Ingrid Ackermann (iaa5 [at] (iaa5[at]stanford[dot]edu)) or Maya Passmore (marykwas [at] (marykwas[at]stanford[dot]edu)).

Other questions? Email: abbymc [at] (abbymc[at]stanford[dot]edu)