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Welcome to Hopkins Marine Station—a leader in marine science since 1892.
Where researchers, undergraduates, and graduates come together
to ask big questions, explore new ideas, and discover how and why things work. 

Echoing the sentiments of Stanford’s President Tessier-Lavigne, Hopkins Marine Station stands in support, and in solidarity, with the nation’s Black communities and with other communities who each day confront the realities of inequality, discrimination, and racism. As a community here at Hopkins, we must, all of us, recommit ourselves to fighting racism and hatred and standing for equality and inclusion.

-Mark Denny, Director, Hopkins Marine Station





Discover with us.

Hopkins is a premier research center. Our 11 faculty members are asking and answering timely and exciting research questions—how do animals function? How do they develop and evolve? How do they interact?

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With an average of 5-10 students in your classes (vs. 200 - 250 on campus), learning at Hopkins is intense, interactive, unique, and fun. 

No need to worry about official office hours here—just knock on the door. With an average faculty to student ratio of 1:10 (vs 1:250 on campus) your professors will really get to know you...and vice versa. 

At Hopkins, our backyard (or should we say ocean) is your lab.  And that's where most of the learning happens. Discover concepts in the classroom. Walk outside and see them in action.

Students with microscopes

Our comprehensive course offerings don't just stimulate your curiosity, they fit into your major and meet many honors and ways of thinking/ways of doing requirements.

Welcome to academia.  At Hopkins, undergrads get to participate in hands-on, world-class research activities in collaboration with grad students, post docs, and faculty. 




Research with us.

10 diverse labs. Unlimited curiosity. Meet Hopkins faculty, see their research, and learn how to apply.

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