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Visiting Diver Procedures

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Diving Safety Officers, please make sure that assistant DSOs, administrative assistants, instructors, and anyone else who might be involved with bringing or sending divers to Hopkins Marine Station are aware of the following procedures:

For visiting classes

(Group Maximum = 20 divers, unless certain conditions are met - contact the Diving Safety Officer for details)

1) Please submit a Hopkins Use Form, with course description & dive schedule, names of instructors, start & end dates, and why it is important to conduct the dive(s) in the Refuge. (Advance notice: at least two weeks).

2) Please submit an accurate list of all divers, including instructors & TAs, with DSO confirmation that all are scientific divers or scientific divers-in-training.

3) Please have all divers fill out waivers completely and legibly. These must match the list of divers.

For individual visiting divers

1) Please submit a Hopkins Use Form (At least two weeks ahead of anticipated start date, to allow time for Refuge committee review/approval). Work in the Refuge may not be started until approval notification has been given by the DSO/Refuge Manager. The dive plan submitted to the visiting diver's own DSO should form the basis of the Refuge Use request.

2) Please submit a letter from the DSO verifying current dive plan and scientific diver status of diver(s) (reciprocity letter: LOR).

3) Please submit a waiver for each diver in the project. Waivers are good within each calendar year - no need for an individual to submit a waiver for every visit. (Waiver should be submitted with Hopkins use form, or as soon as possible before first dive day).

Additional Notes

Waivers: please use the current versions of the required forms. When photocopying or printing waivers, please make sure that the text is legible. Waivers need to be filled out completely and legibly. Divers who submit incomplete or illegible waivers will not be permitted to dive from Hopkins.

Dive lockers: Rinse gear on pad so that all runoff enters drain. Keep the dive lockers and surrounding area tidy. Please remove wetsuits outside; don't track sand into showers. Please make sure to take only your own gear when packing up to leave.

Parking: Please do not park in driveway that leads to rinse pad. Gear may be dropped off, but vehicles must be moved and parked elsewhere.