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Marine Operations

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Marine Protected Area Use Guidelines

The shore and subtidal areas off Hopkins Marine Station lie within two Marine Protected Areas: the state-managed Lovers Point - Julia Platt State Marine Reserve and the federally-managed Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Depending on the nature of research or teaching being conducted, individuals may need to obtain permits from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and/or the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Drone (UFV) flights for research and teaching require permissions and coordination with wildlife monitoring groups.

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Scientific Diving Operations

The standards for diving safety, training, experience, and certification outlined in Stanford's Diving Safety Manual are designed to ensure that all diving under the auspices of Stanford University is conducted in a manner that will maximize protection of divers from accidental injury and/or illness while furthering research, education and safety, and to allow a working reciprocity between Stanford University and other institutions with scientific diving programs whose standards meet or exceed those of the AAUS.

Scientific Boating Operations

Boats and divers on the beach

The primary goal of the Scientific Boating Program at Hopkins is to ensure that educational and scientific boating operations using Hopkins boats and equipment are conducted in a safe and effective manner.