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HMSGSO Mission and Officers

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Mission Statement

  • Serve as a general forum for graduate student interests and concerns
  • Discuss and organize initiatives of importance to the graduate students
  • Make decisions regarding the graduate student funds
  • Interface with the faculty regarding issues affecting the graduate student body

Current Officers (2023-2024):

  • President: Chloe Mikles
  • Treasurer: Lauren Lubeck
  • Seminar Series Liasions: Ceyenna Tillman & Melissa Palmisciano
  • Faculty and Friends of Hopkins Liaison: Alexandra DiGiacomo

Officer Position Descriptions


  • Organizes a quarterly graduate student meeting to discuss the graduate program, events, etc. 
  • Prepares an agenda for the quarterly meeting, and runs the meeting according the agenda
  • Solicits  discussion items from grad students
  • Organizes additional meeting(s) of the graduate officers to discuss current issues facing the graduate program 
  • When necessary, organizes additional meetings of the graduate students to discuss specific issues
  • Leads projects to improve the graduate program and interface with the faculty and staff (will be involved in all Graduate/Faculty committee meetings)
  • Emails the incoming first year students in early summer (welcomes them and passes on Graduate Student Resources links on HMS site )
  • Delegates tasks to other officers


  • Manages the graduate funds and budget
  • Manages proposals to co-directors for funding of events like the graduate student retreat
  • Reports the status of the graduate fund to the community at our quarterly meeting
  • Informs the graduate students if there is an “actionable” amount of funds in the grad fund (i.e. enough that someone could propose to spend some)
  • Proposes new ideas for Hopkins merchandise 
  • Publicizes all Hopkins merchandise for sale
  • Propose community-building events or other ideas that will be covered fully or in part by the graduate funds

 Graduate Student Seminar Liasions

  • Communicates and updates graduate students and post-docs about seminar slots that need to be filled
  • Coordinates with Oceans Seminar Committee on graduate students and post-doc nominations

Faculty and Friends of Hopkins Liaison

  • Brings graduate student concerns to faculty meetings
  • Attends faculty meetings and record notes
  • Sends meeting notes to the hmsgrads listserve as soon as possible after the meeting
  • Coordinates with Friends of Hopkins boards on special events involving graduate students