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Life at Hopkins

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Ready to Dive In?

Hopkins Marine Station is the ideal place to learn about biology and the ocean. Whether you are considering a career in the sciences are looking for intriguing courses related to your major, or are just interested in the life of the sea, we have what you want—breathtaking ocean views, hiking, biking, kayaking and diving. Plus, we offer Victorian style housing that’s just a 10-minute walk or 2-minute bike from your classes at the Marine Station.

From Farm to Ocean

We know it’s hard to leave main campus, but you’ll be amazed how liberating it is to step outside the Stanford bubble for a quarter or more. While it’s easy to return to campus for special events and previous obligations (just 90 miles away), many students choose to remain in Pacific Grove to take advantage of the region’s natural playground. You’ll be surprised by how many of your friends will want to come down for a weekend visit.

Undergraduate Housing

Students live in four fully remodeled Victorian-style residences in New Monterey, half a mile from the Marine Station. Restaurants and shops are just blocks away, including Cannery Row. 

While you will have to give up your current housing on campus when you spend a quarter at Hopkins. Students will go back into the housing draw for the following quarter. 


  • Students are responsible for purchasing and/or making their own food for all meals
  • Basic kitchen supplies are provided (students may need to purchase additional items)
  • Rooms and bathrooms are shared in each unit
  • Each unit includes its own fully equipped kitchen
  • Rooms include bed, dresser and desk


Big Sur Coastline

Explore Monterey Bay and Big Sur

Bring your bike, your surfboard, your sense of adventure. Monterey Bay and Big Sur are a tourist Mecca for good reason. Over 8 million people visit every year, taking in the sights and seaside, the aquarium and endless miles of hiking trails.